10 Famous Comic Books You Won't Believe Were Written By Celebrities

Who would believe John Cleese and Samuel L. Jackson have written a comic book?

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There are celebrities who take their love for comic books to a whole new level. Spider-Man director, Sam Raimi, has so many comics, he had to buy another house to store them all! Patrick Stewart has been trying for years to finally adapt cyberpunk graphic novel, Transmetropolitan for the screen. Even the King himself, Elvis Presley, based his costumes on the outfit of his favourite superhero, Captain Marvel Jr.

But there are some famous stars who love comic books so much, they wrote their own. It may sound crazy at first but it makes sense. Singers, actors, directors, and wrestlers are always trying to find new ways to branch out so if they're fans of comics, why not give it a shot?

Books usually do well if a big name is attached to it, which is why guest-writing comics are becoming more and more common.

Now, just because a person loves comics doesn't mean they are equipped to pen their own. Many celeb-written comics are forgettable, trashy, or lazy. But several of them are far better than you would ever imagine.

You mightn't even realise that a few of your favourite stories were penned by some of the world's most famous people.

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