10 Famous Comic Panels Recreated For Real

You're telling me that isn't the real Joker?

Killing Joke Cosplay
Anthony Misiano

With comics now being such a big part of both the film industry and cosplay community, it makes sense that some loyal fans in both mediums would try and recreate the content they love as accurately as possible.

This often comes in the form of picture-perfect replications of things; like those handmade Batman costumes you occasionally see that have ungodly levels of meticulous detail in them. It also comes in the form of perfectly recreating moments from beloved series themselves, showing love for a single story or even panel by remaking it as accurately as they can.

And this is one of the coolest ways that creators can show their love. Well done cosplays are both a way to get the word out about your favourite characters and moments whilst also showing off your own artist skills. Similarly, few comic fans don't get excited at seeing one of their favourite scenes in a series or issue getting remade for a bigger audience in a feature-length film.

When you see people love a series so much that they just have to remake a part of it, you find yourself loving those moments just as much as they clearly do - like LivingDead Kev, whose cosplay of the animated series Harley I had to include as a special bonus, even if it isn't solely comic-related like our other picks.

10. Spider-Man #601

Killing Joke Cosplay
Ailinaa/Marvel Comics

Of the many wonderful moments we've had over the years with Mary Jane, one of the most surprisingly well-known is the cover of Spider-Man #60. The reason this is surprising is it's not a moment of MJ beating villains (which she's managed a fair few times over the years), or any of her modelling shoots or personal victories. It's her... sat with a cup of tea. Or maybe coffee, it's open for debate.

But the fact that it's such a simple image is perhaps what made it popular in the first place. When we have countless panels of insane fights and extraordinary events, seeing Spidey's long term partner take a break while he's off shooting webs is endearingly mundane.

This might also explain why it's so often remade by fans, as it's easier to replicate than some crazy outfit or epic battle. They're all fairly impressive, but one of the most fun is that of French cosplayer Ainlinaa. While she has a a significantly happier expression than the comics Mary Jane, she manages to pull off the panel even without the photoshopped background that many cosplayer use for this shot.

Fans come in all forms, and so it's sometimes just as nice to see people recreating a comic moment just for the fun as it is to see them recreated in a blockbuster film.


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