10 Famous Comic Panels Recreated For Real

9. Captain America Is Worthy

Killing Joke Cosplay
Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios

Nowadays, it can be fairly rare for a single event to become incredibly famous - unless it's because it's somewhat infamous, such as the case of the "Hail HYDRA" scene in Steve Rodgers: Captain America #1, or a big deal like Thanos' Snap.

And while it didn't wipe out half of life on Earth, when we saw Steve raise Thor's hammer to the sky towards the end of Endgame - showing he is in the ranks of those considered worthy enough and noble enough to be able to wield the weapon - there were few fans that didn't immediately have the image burned into their minds for life.

It was even better for those who knew that, in the comics, Cap has raised the hammer many times. This specific example is, of course, a reference to Steve's similar antics in Fear Itself, where he also raised Mjolnir in order to face Thanos and his forces. It's not a picture perfect recreation, but film Rogers is sort of in the middle of a fight when he does this, so it's a fair exchange.

Not only was it a perfect way to cap off Steve Rodgers time in the MCU, but it also fit in one of the most glorious panels in current comic history - and that's a pretty good combo.


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