10 Fantastic Four Comics You Must Read Before You Die

What stories from Marvel's First Family should you really check out?

Marvel Comics

For nearly 60 years now, the Fantastic Four have been the backbone of the Marvel Universe.

Sure, they may not be as cool as the X-Men or as famous as the Avengers, but they give a certain soap opera quality that is missing from a vast majority of other titles.

True, it's understandable that that might not be to everyone's tastes, but there've been plenty of epic battles and full on beatdowns throughout their history to please even the most militant of comic book fans.

With a rogues gallery that is a 'who's who' of bad guys, including the likes of Doctor Doom, Galactus, and, in an alternative reality, even Reed Richards himself, they have been battling the forces of evil ever since their book first hit the stands in 1961.

They've been doing so while also having to deal with the usual family drama that comes from being - kind of - normal human beings.

So which are the best of the best? What stories deserve your undivided attention? This list attempts to answer those questions and, hopefully, give you a better appreciation of one of the most underrated teams to ever grace Marvel's pages.


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