10 Freaky Yet Awesome X-Men You Probably Forgot

Involves a woman who can shoot bones from her back, the Marvel T-1000 and just whatever the hell Warlock is.

The X-Men franchise has existed since 1963 and has had countless iterations across media. Most comic book fans attribute its continued success to it€™s applicability to real life conflicts, the chief conflict being minority oppression. The X-Men are hated and feared for being different, just like (insert race/gender/creed/religious affiliation/dress size). So of course, these Defenders of the Disenfranchised are represented by€attractive, fit, upper class and educated white people. Kind of subverts the whole minority thing. The thing is, if X-Men like Cyclops or Angel really existed, they€™d be on the cover of Esquire posing with Kate Upton. They€™re about as oppressed as your high school football team. Even the "weird" X-Men like Nightcrawler and Beast would still get more action than you do. What happened to the super-team that Stan Lee proudly proclaimed were "The strangest heroes in Marvel"? X-Men writers seemed to have picked up on this conceit and have made efforts to create more X-Men with overt and unsettling mutations in the last thirty years. Granted, most of these guys aren't major X-Men but they still get an A for effort. Rather than having a team of supermodels, the modern X-Men tend to have a lot more REAL weirdos. People with tentacles or bat wings or at least an extra boob. With that in mind, lets take a look at the X-Men that Professor Xavier doesn€™t put on the college brochure. If you have any personal favorite X-Freaks, feel free to mention them in the comments!
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