10 Greatest Comic Book Heroes Who Despise Humans

Not all who wear flashy capes stand for truth, justice and the Human way.

Rorschach Alan Moore Watchmen
Warner Bros.

Thanks to the world's largest entertainment medium - comic books - audiences around the world have read and experienced stories about nearly every topic under the sun, from classic horror to wild westerns. Yet somehow the one corner of comics that still continues to inspire people across the globe is, of course, superhero comics.

Superheroes are almost always portrayed as beings who help the innocent, slay the evils of the world, and look amazing while saving their universe for the 5,000th time.

While a good majority of our favorite comic-book heroes love the people they protect, there are quite a few so-called heroes who actually learned to view humanity as despicable creatures barely worth the effort of saving.

Sometimes it's because they are from another planet or have lived through thousands of years of human history, knowing they are better than us, and seeing that we as a society rarely strive to help each other unless it benefits us in some way.

This cruel belief in humanity may not apply to every single superhero, as there are still those that begrudgingly save people every day, even sometimes unintentionally, as they focus more on killing the wicked.

Whatever their reasons may be, the following are a few heroes who have come to actively despise the humans they once vowed to protect.

10. Raven

Rorschach Alan Moore Watchmen
DC Comics

Raven has gone through many different iterations of her life, even dying and becoming a wandering spirit after becoming possessed by evil and trying to kill her teammates, the Teen Titans.

Even in ghost form, Raven held a disdain for the humans that often viewed her as a demon. Raven's entire internal struggle revolves around her battle against the evil that resides within her, and the constant feeling of loneliness brought on by the innate mistrust and hatred humans have of her.

While Raven truly hates her father Trigon above any other being in the universe, humans come as a close second. Raven holds little love in her heart for the humans that live outside the Titan's Tower.

It is true that Raven loves the few humans on her team, and has been trying to open up more to them about her inner feelings and thoughts, though most of the time the team has to learn about her feelings from a magical attack that forces their innermost feelings to be exposed to each other.


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