10 Greatest Comic Book Villains With ZERO Superpowers

Lex Luthor and Kingpin don't need powers to cause trouble.

Mysterio Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

When an alien army invades Earth or a demon opens a portal to Hell in the middle of populated city, the Justice League or the Avengers will be there to put a stop to it. Because superheroes have to prevent some world-ending calamity like this every five minutes, they don't have much time for the minor baddies.

Even though the world is overrun with thugs, gangsters, and dictators, those guys are usually left to the local authorities. Criminals like this may be a serious threat to the average civilian but in the eyes of a superhero, they're small fry. Some would ask, if they don't have superpowers, they can't be much of a threat, right?

But there are some evildoers who have no powers whatsoever and yet, can be classified as full-fledged supervillains. Through technology, resources, wealth, or charisma, some non-powered individuals are as dangerous as superbeings like Magneto, the Reverse-Flash, or Doomsday. It may sound ridiculous but some mere mortals have defeated the likes of the Flash, the X-Men, or Superman.

Here are ten of the greatest supervillains who have zero superpowers.

10. The Tinkerer

Mysterio Spider-Man

Throughout the years, superheroes have battled criminals armed with all sorts of gizmos - laser guns, killer robots, hovercrafts, armoured mech-suits, and a gazillion booby traps. But did you ever wonder where these gadgets come from? Who's building all this stuff?

And the answer is the Tinkerer. Being the world's greatest mechanical engineer, Phineas Mason tinkers with his weapons in his hideout before selling them on the black market because, hey, ya gotta find some way to keep the lights on, don't you? Mason isn't a household name but everyone knows his handiwork. He's built Scorpion's tail, Mysterio's suit, Whirlwind's armour, Kingpin's robots, the Grim Reaper's scythe, Vulture's wings, Doctor Octopus' tentacles, and other iconic tech in the Marvel universe.

He may be an elderly man but he can never be underestimated. Give the guy a phone and he'll turn it into a doomsday weapon in five minutes. Also, his tech can disable other devices, rendering superheroes like Iron Man vulnerable. Even when he was paralysed by the Punisher, it didn't stop him constructing all sorts of death machines. He's not as famous as the Lizard or Electro but he's far more dangerous.


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