10 Greatest Moments From Jason Aaron's Thor

A run that will go down as one of the best of all time, Jason Aaron cemented his legacy at Marvel.

Thor Jason Aaron
Marvel Comics

There's something for everyone in Jason Aaron's run whether they be long time readers, fans of the MCU incarnation of the character, or someone who's just looking to get into reading comic books.

With consistent handling of the character whether he be young, old, or unworthy; and backed by incredible art from the likes of Esad Ribic, Russell Dauterman, and Mike Del Mundo; Jason Aaron's seven year run on Thor is the greatest run the character has enjoyed. Jack Kirby would be proud.

In his seven years on the book, Jason Aaron expanded upon the the Thor mythos like no other writer. Aaron showed us that others like Jane Foster, if they are worthy, are just as fit to be called Thor as the Odinson is.

He introduced us to one of Thor's now most recognisable villains in Gorr the God Butcher. And he gave us one of Marvel's best events in recent years with the War of the Realms.

Now with Aaron's service completed and a new team having taken over the book, let's go back and take a look at the some of the greatest moments from Jason Aaron's Thor.

10. The Iron All-Father

Thor Jason Aaron
Marvel Comics

One of the best aspects of Jason Aaron's Thor run is just how much time he lets other characters spend in the spotlight. Granted, Odin's had is time in the spotlight in various other writers' runs, but Aaron's usage of the character is something else. And one of Odin's best moments came from 2019's War of the Realms.

After getting attacked by a squad of Dark Elves in issue #1 and with the rest of the world struggling to hold off Malekith's forces, Tony Stark along with Shuri and the dwarf Screwbeard designed an Iron Man suit for the All-Father. And once he dawned the armour, he took off to fight be Freyja's side as she battled the Dark Elf army, preventing them from using the Black Bifrost.

And in essence, this moment really exemplifies Aaron's run. The fight and artwork are both fantastic, but it's the characters in the fight and the build up that are important.

For a major portion of Aaron's run Freyja and Odin have been at odds with one another, or Freyja has been near death, but now they're united once again. Plus, who else besides Tony, Shuri, and a dwarf could make an armour fit for the All-Father.


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