10 Greatest Splash Pages In Marvel Comic Book History

9. Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster - World War Hulk #1

Spider Man No More
Marvel Comics

Having a being as powerful as The Incredible Hulk on your side is a great thing, but only if he stays on your side.

Unfortunately for The Avengers, Bruce Banner's alter ego has turned against them numerous times over the years. As a result, they've had to develop certain equipment to deal with him.

World War Hulk from 2007 details the angry green fella's return to Earth following a period of exile. As you can imagine, the famously-angry Hulk is not best pleased with his fellow heroes for sending him away.

Iron Man steps up to challenge Banner, wearing a special version of his Hulkbuster armour. That's Model 36, for the real nerds out there.

This leads to an epic battle between the two giants that ends with them both destroying Avengers tower. Before that happens, we get this amazing image (again courtesy of John Romita Jr.) of Hulk absolutely battering the weapon that was supposed to take him down.

Complete with a classic comic book made-up word, this panel demonstrates how powerful a ticked-off Hulk can be. The action leaps off the page, making any reader grateful that it wasn't them inside the suit.

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