10 Greatest Superhero Replacements That Outshone The Originals

8. Barbara Gordon - Batgirl

The Human Torch Johnny Storm
DC Comics

The inclusion of Batwoman and Batgirl in the Silver Age of Comics was due to Fredric Wertham. The psychologist's claims regarding Batman and Robin's relationship forced DC to add their female counterparts to ensure their image as heterosexual superheroes. But during the 60s, Batgirl and most of the Dark Knight's extended cast were phased out to simplify things.

The 60s also saw the success of the Batman TV show. Because it was a hit, the show's writers teamed up with Julius Schwartz to create a new character that would entice female audiences. The result was Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who became the new Batgirl. With an iconic costume and an array of gadgets, Barbara proved to be a popular addition to the cast.

Gordon's impact on the industry would also extend after her tragic injury. Shot by the Joker in Alan Moore's The Killing Joke, Barbara was left paraplegic. Despite this, she became Oracle and remained one of Batman's trusted allies. While the original Batwoman and Batgirl fell into obscurity, Barbara Gordon has remained a series staple in the Batman mythology.


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