10 Heartwarming DC Comics Moments That Made Fans Cry

R.I.P Fuzzball.

DC Comics

Comics - much like any literature - rely on making you feel things. Finding something funny, or sad, or just outright clever, is exactly what brings people back for issue after issue.

A slightly more difficult emotion to hit upon is that of heartwarming moments. Heartwarming moments can as easily be sad as they can be funny or happy - so long as it warms the heart, be it through nostalgia or otherwise. Generally, these moments rely on dramatic sacrifices or dramatic revivals, but often it also takes the route of reminded us how human superheroes can be - even when they're magical aliens powered by the colour of the sun.

With such rich legacies behind them, it's inevitable that comics are rife with heartwarming moments that, every now and then, might just bring you to tears. Even if it's over a heroic minotaur, or a particularly weirdly named cat.

10. The Bruce Wayne Case

DC Comics

While Batman's tragic backstory is used to justify his actions and beliefs in the series, it's not as common to see other characters also struggle with this sad event.

This is completely changed by Batman #603, which follows Batman's interactions with Gary Sloan, a retired GCPD detective. Sloan worked on the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents - albeit unsuccessfully - and begs Batman to solve the case, implying that through all those years, Sloan never stopped trying to solve the case.

Seeing the retired cop still want so badly to help soothe Bruce's pain - even though years and years have passed since - is difficult to not find completely heartwarming.

Knowing that it's also helped Batman's often challenged faith in the good of humanity also serves for those extra emotional bonus points, as with all the awful things he comes into contact with, you can't help but think that moments like this truly balance out the bad and the good.


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