10 Horrifying Comic Implications

The animal kingdom holds some dark possibilities for Killer Croc.

lizard spiderman
Marvel Comics

Usually, the worst thing that happens in a comic's plot is impossible to miss - because it's the likes of a brutal murder, savage injury, or sometimes even the world ending. These events are iconic, they're unforgettable, and they're arguably the moments that stay with fans the longest, only narrowly beat in this regard by some of the more heartwarming stuff.

But the focus on these epic occasions can mean you don't notice smaller moments, or things that aren't outright explicitly stated in the issue itself, but rather left for you to dwell on when the idea pops into your head in the middle of the night.

And comic fans are, on the large, an inquisitive bunch, meaning if there's a nightmarish way to interpret something, someone will bring it up at some point - if not several people, who will proceed to have a conversation about the topic that is equal parts concerning and insightful.

In a medium that so often explores philosophy, spirituality, and every deep question you can think of, sometimes it's surprisingly entertaining to posit theories about Killer Croc's genitals instead.

10. Superheroes Have No Licensing Control

lizard spiderman
DC Comics

Anyone who has seen the canon Gotham restaurant Batburger has likely laughed their ass off about it - especially when you see none other than Bruce Wayne visit it with his motley crew of sidekicks.

However, it raises one very clear point: superheroes have little to no control over how their likeness is used, or the Dark Knight definitely wouldn't have a McDonalds-esque restaurant created in his image.

This also raises some legitimately awful, but also legitimately hilarious questions about how seriously the people of Gotham take figures like the Joker and the rest of the city's Rogue's Gallery. Sure, they all know not to mess with them, but the fact they'll eat "jokerised fries" or a "Riddle-Me-Fish" while doing so suggests the civilians of Gotham have become possibly too adjusted to the whole 'living in a city teeming with terrifying murderous supervillains' thing.


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