10 Horrifying Comic Implications

9. Santa Is Real (And Maybe Awful)

lizard spiderman
DC Comics

As much as we all had our tiny hearts broken by the discovery that Father Christmas isn't real at some point in our lives, there is good news: Santa is real!

Well, in comics.

With appearances from the figure in both Marvel and DC, it seems clear that he exists in the vast majority of comic universes, which raises some potentially worrying concepts. Because... that might make him a superhuman, presuming he can travel as fast as he'd have to in order to drop off Christmas presents - or, at least, a magical figure of some kind.

And this means he could have been a superhero, but opted to simply not help people and instead give them presents once a year. This is all well and good - not everyone has to be a hero just because they could be - but it does mean that every time there's been a world ending threat, Father Christmas hasn't even offered to help.

Given Christmas can't happen if the world is destroyed - or the universe - you'd really think this speedster would help out his fellow man, but it seems like he'd rather kick back and let us all die if it came to it.


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