10 Horror Comics Worse Than Your Nightmares

9. Crossed

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Avatar Comics

It's the zombie apocalypse, Garth Ennis style. First published in 2008 by Avatar Comics, Crossed is what happens when you let Garth off the hook. This is the Preacher and The Boys writer unleashed - shorn of his usual cheeky sense of humour, and at his most nihilistic.

Instead of the traditional walking dead, Crossed's zombies are of the rage-infected variety; slathering, immoral, truly insane monsters, marked by the scabby cross which exhibits itself on the face upon infection. Crossed does not make for easy reading; a book chock-full of extreme gore, gratuitous sexual violence and some of the most transgressive horror ever seen in a zombie comic.

Somehow, the sequels only up the disgusting quota - David Lapham's Family Values and Psychopath are particularly vile. You know it's bad when the Alan Moore spin-off (Crossed: 100) shows the universe at its least troubling. Once read, never forgotten, Crossed is the real deal.

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