10 Horror Superheroes Who Give Villains Nightmares

These heroes may be on the side of good, but that doesn't make them any less terrifying.

Image Comics

Who doesn't love it when a bad guy plays for the good team?

There's almost a certain poetry to it, when someone who wouldn't look out of place in Castle Grayskull suddenly decides that fighting for the side of rainbows and puppies would be a solid career move. But it's one thing for a normal bad guy to turn out to be on the side of the angels, it's another for someone who looks downright friggin SCARY to be doing so.

Horror has been a part of comics practically since they first became a thing. So it only makes sense that a lot of superheroes have the starting point of "hey, why don't we just make the horror monster the good guy and cut out the middleman?"

There are tons of superheroes out there that fit this mold, and we're gonna be looking a the ten best of them. These heroes would be right at home stalking a bunch of hapless teenagers in a cheesy horror B-movie, but for whatever reason, they're the hero of their respective tales.


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