10 Human Comic Book Anti Heroes You Don't Want To Mess With... Ever!

That's... a lot of guns.

Venom Flash Thompson
Marvel Comics

If anything were to typify the 'Dark Age' of comic books, it would be the sheer proliferation of anti-heroes.

The humble anti-hero, as they're known today, can often be seen brandishing weapons your typical do-gooder would never be caught dead with; they also tend to have a particularly loose moral compass, finding death nowhere near as objectionable as others in the superhero community and, as a result, often finding themselves in direct competition with them too.

This often means that anti-heroes live on the periphery of the vigilante profession, or are even ostracised entirely. But while that may be the case, they're never ones to change their methods, dealing out justice with an arsenal of firearms, blades, bombs, or even spells - depending on the hero.

Regardless of their weapon of choice, however, the fact remains that you’d probably never want to encounter these characters - however sympathetic they may be in certain moments. They’re trained killers, expert conmen, and though they don’t have a license to kill, that’s never exactly stopped them before.

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