10 Human Comic Book Anti Heroes You Don't Want To Mess With... Ever!

10. Silver Sable

Silver Sable Marvel
Marvel Comics

Silver Sablinova is currently busy making waves on the PS4 with Insomniac's Spider-Man, but she's been fostering a reputation for intensity long before.

Introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #265, Silver Sable quickly established herself as a no-nonsense mercenary willing to do whatever to get the job done. This immediately put her at odds with others in the superhero community, most notably Spider-Man, but over time the pair have developed into close allies, with Sable utilising her mercenary group - the Wild Pack - to help Spidey out on a few occasions.

In any case, there's no getting away from Sable's skill. Proficient in knives, firearms and hand-to-hand combat, Sable is a modern mercenary for a modern environment, and one you definitely wouldn't want to cross at any point.

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