10 Human Comic Book Characters With Better Prep Skills Than Batman

Batman As I have specified in numerous recent articles, I'm a huge comic book fan and that fanaticism extends to Batman, so this article isn't an attempt to sully the character in any way, shape or form €“ it is merely another attempt to deal in facts and shed some light on a myth, particularly as my previous articles of this nature went down very well and it's generally an interesting topic... The myth in question is the one about Batman being the god of preparation, inventing and planning €“ because it simply isn't true. There are characters with more intelligence, better preparation skills and outright better resources available to them who could totally out-prep Batman. However, some fans are adamant that Batman is the be-all-and-end-all of planning and is unbeatable in that regard, so I'm going to point out a few human characters from comic books who, utilising consistent feats of preparation, could outdo Batman in the planning and preparation stakes. For the purposes and in the interests of fairness, I will only be referencing human characters, so that none of the characters in question have the advantage of an advanced mind as one of their birthrights. The characters in question may have developed some superpowers in their time, but their minds are not enhanced unfairly in any way. Now, there's no denying that Batman is great at preparation and planning - to do that would be foolish - but the fact is there are better planners than him out there. Someone like the Joker is, at the very least, on a par with him, given the amount of trouble he's caused the dark knight with his schemes over the years - but he's too obvious a character to include on this list anyway, so he won't be on it. I'm prepared for the fact that there will be a lot of disagreement from hardcore fans of the character who simply don't like the fact that their hero isn't as unbeatable as they'd like him to be, but part of being a fan of the character is knowing everything about him or her €“ including their limitations €“ so do be open-minded please! On that note, using actual evidence from comic books i.e. mentioning actual ways in which said characters could and have prepared to a higher standard than Gotham's saviour, here are ten human comic book characters with better prep skills than Batman...
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