10 Human Comic Book Characters With Better Prep Skills Than Batman

10. Reed Richards (Marvel Comics)

Mr. Fantastic Marvel makes prep-gods like DC gives out superspeed (so, a forewarning that the majority of the characters in this article, but not all of them, are from Marvel) and Reed Richards is the best of them all. Although Richards gained superpowers (elasticity) through irradiation by cosmic rays, his mind was unchanged by the process and he has always been super-intelligent. His mind is as powerful and as essential a weapon to the Fantastic Four and their allies as any of the superpowers that any of the heroes possess. To put in to perspective some of the things he is capable of, here is a short list; he turned the planet-devouring cosmic entity Galactus into a human with technology that he had built (Galactus had his power sucked out of him and was left to drift in space), he manipulated the date index of the Time Variance Authority within seconds (the Time Variance Authority being something that operates on an omniversal scale and can repair timelines across the entire omniverse), his mind is so brilliant that the Alien Entity (a nigh-omnipotent entity who believes he can find the very meaning of life) used it to recreate all of the Marvel actuality and its history (to clarify, this meant that Reed's mind alone brought balance to the Marvel universe) and he managed to find the Ultimate Nullifier (Galactus' ultimate weapon which could have been anywhere in the universe at the time) within a single day during the Abraxas arc when he was given a mere two days of preparation time. With regards to Richards, I could literally go on for hours about his incredible feats of planning and preparation and his intelligence in general (such as how, during his planning, he sometimes consults with other versions of himself across space and time). He is essentially on a completely different level to Batman when it comes to such things.
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