10 Idiotic Mistakes That Almost Ruined Spider-Man

Marvel should've replaced Peter with Ben when they had the chance...

Marvel Comics

Though his status as one of the best and most popular superheroes is well and truly deserved, retaining such a position hasn't always been a web-swing in New York for Spider-Man.

There are several infamous occasions where the character and his wider mythos alike have been handled incredibly poorly by creators. These mistakes vary from minor out of character actions or dialogue to severe missteps that almost ruined the character of Spider-Man as a whole.

That may be hard to fathom with the regular supply of spot-on takes in film, video games, animation and of course comics that we receive nowadays, but it's true - the nineties did happen, after all.

These mistakes stray so far from the faithful takes of today that Marvel often responded to them with timeline clean-ups of similar ruthlessness to Deadpool's actions at the end of Deadpool 2. Further exemplifying just how damaging these stories were is the fact that most have never really been mentioned in the comics since, only being talked about in lists such as this one.

But can you blame us? Some of these decisions could've spelled nigh-on doom for the wall-crawler. It's a miracle he came out the other side intact.


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