10 Idiotic Mistakes That Almost Ruined Spider-Man

9. Revising Stan Lee & Steve Ditko's Origin For The Character - Spider-Man: Chapter One

Scarlet Spider Replace Peter Parker
Marvel Comics

Unlike, Batman, Spider-Man's origin story was basically perfect when it debuted. No grand 'Year One' stories or constant in-canon reinterpretations were needed, because what Lee & Ditko produced in Amazing Fantasy #15 more than sufficed.

Despite calling itself the House of Ideas, Marvel is ultimately a business, and so saw the opportunity to have legendary creator John Byrne (artist and co-plotter on such greats as the Dark Phoenix Saga and X-Men: Days of Future Past) write and draw a thirteen issue series to revamp ol' web-head's origin as a great commercial move.

Instead of providing a definitive origin that far surpassed the original, as Frank Miller's Batman: Year One and Daredevil: The Man Without Fear had done previously, Byrne added nothing to Lee & Ditko's creation. The book needlessly tied characters together (e.g: Norman Osborn was now responsible for Spider-Man's entire rogues gallery), and even ignored certain stories.

It's probably for the best that Chapter One is now long forgotten.


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