10 Immortal Comic Book Villains (And How They Died)

They said immortal, not indestructible.

Marvel Comics

Death is a funny thing in the world of comics and far less permanent than its real world counterpart. Often used to shock readers, popular characters who meet the axe are typically brought back down the line in order to re-shock readers. In the land of the heroes, seemingly immortal (or near enough to it) characters such as Superman and Wolverine have fallen foul of death only to triumphantly return later on down the road.

Immortality however, has always been a gift granted to villains more than heroes with countless ancient entities making their presence felt in the present day. One thing nearly all of them have in common: their undying ways come to swift and satisfying ends when they foolishly mess with the wrong hero (or even fellow villain in some instances). While death is about as permanent as a broken nail to these all powerful baddies, it’s often a big deal in the moment and a frequent curiosity lies in just how the heroes finally (temporarily) rid themselves of their hated foe.

Let’s take a look at 10 immortal villains and how they wound up meeting their maker.

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