10 Immortal Comic Book Villains (And How They Died)

9. Vandal Savage

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DC Comics

The ancient Vandal Savage is the number one contender for oldest, still kicking human being in the entire DC Universe. Having been around since the beginning (literally, there was a time when old Vandal was just a humble caveman), he finds himself exposed to the cosmic radiation of a freshly crash landed meteor. Despite radiation’s appalling track record on the human body in reality, in comics it’s just great and in this case, Caveman Vandal became the Immortal Vandal we’ve grown to love to hate.

A major rogue to several heroes of the DCU (especially the members of the legendary Justice Society of America), Savage can be linked to many of the biggest (and nastiest) events throughout Earth’s history.

Immortal? Yes.

Invulnerable? Nope.

During the continuity breaking lunacy that was Flashpoint, Savage finds himself dead at the hands of The Flash proving that even the longest rides come to an end. In a considerably more embarrassing moment he’d sooner we all forget, Savage died rather clumsily by his own hand in a freak accident during DC One Million.

Nevertheless, like most of the deceased in comic books, Savage keeps recovering from death the way most of us would a minor head cold.

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