10 Immortal Comic Book Villains (And How They Died)

7. Mephisto

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Marvel Comics

Always big on Satanic panic, Marvel has provided readers with countless incarnations of the Devil himself. Mephisto is the most prominent of these many fallen angel equivalents having done battle with many major heroes including The Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Thor and Ghost Rider. As one would expect from a hellish devil figure, Mephisto’s hellfire and brimstone enriched realm is a place of deceased sinners to enjoy torture of the soul for all eternity.

It doesn’t stop there with Mephisto however, these days he’s best known as a pariah to comic book readers everywhere thanks to his leading role in worst Spider-Man story of all time contender: One More Day.

For all those readers, take solace in the fact Mephisto’s been brutally murdered multiple times. After kidnapping the Fantastic Four for his own sadistic amusement, Mephisto was eviscerated by the young and preposterously powerful Franklin Richards. The Four’s old pal Norrin Radd has also sent Mephisto to the after after-life on occasion. Unsurprisingly, Mephisto’s parenting leaves a lot to be desired and his son, Ghost Rider nemesis Blackheart, has strolled down patricide lane, seemingly impressing his old man in the process.

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