10 Important Lessons Comic Book Superheroes Taught Us

Whoever said comics were bad for you?

DC Comics

Ever since the debut of Superman way back in 1938, superheroes have not only become an iconic part of our collective culture, but - much like the Greek mythology stories of old - have functioned as modern morality tales. Superheroes exist first and foremost to inspire. A superhero that doesn't inspire at least a little isn't doing their job.

This day and age where negativity and cynicism seem to have become the norm it is more important than ever that we try and look toward the light. That's where superheroes come in.

However, with so many years of legacy behind most of these characters, there is a lot to choose from in what lessons they teach us. Even the same characters teach tons of different lessons.

So, to make this easier and less cluttered, the focus will be on one lesson per hero. Also, for the sake of variety, there will be a mix of well-known heroes and under-the-radar ones. The same goes for the comics referenced as well.

With all that said and done, let's learn a few things with ten important lessons comic book heroes taught us.

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