10 Important Life Lessons Comic Books Teach Us (In Elaborate Ways)

With great power comes great responsibility!

Comic books are an endless source of escape and fun for millions of avid readers around the globe. The vast array of characters, superpowers, amazing locations and wonderful stories within them allow readers to forget about the world, and their troubles within it, indulge in a fantasy beyond the realms of their wildest dreams and imagine what it might be like to be a superhero. Subsequently, they aren't exactly well-known for their teachings but, in a number of ways, the occurrences within those exciting pages can teach the reader quite a lot - albeit in roundabout, unorthodox, elaborate and exaggerated ways. So what can readers take away from the heroics of Superman, the methods of Batman, the relationship between the two heroes and the genius of Lex Luthor? On the face of it, most people would probably say "nothing" but, if you look between the lines, there are actually a number of (admittedly often vague) parallels between what they do and what happens here in the real world. In this article, let's take a somewhat offbeat look at how comic books can actually educate their readers regarding the way they go about their everyday lives. Here are ten important life lessons that comic books teach us, albeit in elaborate ways...
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