10 Important Life Lessons Comic Books Teach Us (In Elaborate Ways)

10. Make The Most Of What You've Got

The First World is full of unappreciative people who, despite living in a world with warm homes, readily available food and the luxuries of modern technology (as well as numerous other benefits), often complain of boredom and being badly done to, while the Third World countries of Earth struggle even to access clean water (and yet, so often there are photos of kids in those countries enjoying playing with the most basic of resources). In that regard, perhaps people should look to the infamous DC villain - and scourge of Superman - Lex Luthor. While Luthor was imprisoned back in the Silver Age, he used the most basic of resources - some tin cans, the tugsten from a light bulb, a coil spring and a flashlight to create a time machine. Lex, after having lived a life of luxury, had nothing - but did he sulk? No! He made the most of what he had! The people of the real world could learn a lot from old Lex Luthor!
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