10 Inappropriate Things Marvel And DC Want You To Forget

From race to domestic violence, it's tough to imagine how the writers could get it so wrong.

DC Comics

Comic book writers have always taken inspiration from the world around them, for better or worse. This can lead to incredible stories grounded in reality and poignant commentary. After all, Captain America wouldn’t be the iconic character he is today without punching Adolf Hitler square in the jaw. Sadly though, not every attempt has aged well. This can make going back to older tales very, very awkward.

But it’s not just the older comics that get things so badly wrong. Despite all the work put in by publishers to move away from stereotypes, attempts to make characters work in a modern setting can come off as patronising or edgy for the sake of being edgy.

Luckily for publishers, they can simply reboot a character or even an entire universe if things go wrong. However, there are times where the only reasonable action is to just never bring the offending personality or storyline up again. With the benefit of hindsight, Marvel and DC have hopefully learned valuable lessons, so don’t expect to see anything in this list hitting pages again in the future...


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