10 Inappropriate Things Marvel And DC Want You To Forget

10. DC’s Captain Marvel Owned A Slave

DC Comics

Captain Marvel may have just been an attempt at making the next Superman, but that didn't stop the character from becoming one of the most popular superheroes of the 1940s. In a horrifically misguided attempt at including African American character, writers introduced a new sidekick.

Simply named Steamboat, this new character managed to portray every racist stereotype available at the time. The character design was basically a monkey and his personality was offensively dumb. As if that wasn't bad enough, Captain Marvel literally made him into a slave. After accidentally blowing up his food truck, Billy Batson gave Steamboat a job at the radio station. On the face of it, a kind gesture to try and atone, yet the job was simple and demeaning tasks. It seemed that the character was simply there for comic relief rather than any positive representation of black culture.

Thankfully - after just three years - a group of students met with Fawcett Comics' executive editor, Will Lieberman. After successfully arguing for the removal of this highly insensitive character, Steamboat was written out in 1945 and has since never returned.


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