10 Incredibly Useful Superpowers Heroes Forgot They Had

Those times when a superhero conveniently forgets the all-powerful abilities at their command.

Marvel Comics

By the sheer basic foundation of superhero comics, the heroes themselves are often god-like beings with an array of otherworldly abilities at their disposal.

For every non-superpowered hero - such as Batman, for instance - there's 50 other heroes with a wide variety of unique powers and special skills helping them to fight the good fight and save the day. In fact, some of these superheroes have so many awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping superpowers, that there are times that they even forget just exactly what powers they have at their fingertips.

And it's there, that the spotlight is going to be shone in this list.

Whether it's Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America, or so many other all-powerful good guys and gals, the majority of these supreme beings all seem to have at least one or two tricks up their sleeve that they've pretty much completely forgotten about over time. And said tricks could've come in mighty handy in certain battles and wars should the penny had dropped and our beloved heroes remembered what exactly they were capable od.

Here, then, are ten such examples of incredibly useful superpowers that certain superheroes completely forgot all about.


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