10 Incredibly Useful Superpowers Heroes Forgot They Had

10. Superman Has Superspeed

DC Comics

Regardless of who your own particular favourites are, Superman is the greatest hero in the history of comic books. With a vast array of superpowers that are unmatched by 99% of other comic book characters, Kal-El is a bona fide god.

So many times over the decades, it's been shown that Superman is one of the few people in existence who can match The Flash in a foot race. Of course, the Scarlet Speedster usually ends up winning these races because, well, because it would be a bit harsh on The Flash to have the character lose in a battle based around the one standout ability he has.

That said, the Man of Steel is never far behind when it comes to racing the fastest man alive.

Considering how The Flash travels at the speed of light, you'd think that Superman might actually use his own ridiculous speed to his benefit at times. Instead, the Big Blue Boy Scout seems to forget about this ability in favour of flying.

Flying is all well and good, but it just seems ludicrous that Superman tends to forgot that he essentially has superspeed at his disposal, too.


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