10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Thor You Won't Believe Exist

From the sublime to the ridiculous, Thor's done it all.

Marvel Comics

Throughout his history, Thor has been many things to many people. A champion to Asgard and to Earth, he has fought off countless invasions, and was even there for when Ragnarok came calling.

He is the Odinson. The God of Thunder. The Mighty. The 6 Foot Tall Frog.

Wait... what was that last one again?

It seems that life hasn't always been a bed of fine meat, glorious battles, and delicious mead for the firstborn of Asgard as, along the way, there have been times when he hasn't quite felt himself.

At times he has been replaced - when the All-Father has felt like he needed a backup plan - and other times he has been transformed into a person he just doesn't recognize when he looks in a mirror, mainly because that person is now quite literally an animal.

Yet each rendition of the man with the flowing blond locks has always had the same principles - smash the hell out of the problem at hand, and then go celebrate, Asgardian style.

But which ones are the best? Which alternate Thors stand head and shoulders above the myriad that litter the multiverse? And which ones are - and aren't - worthy of Mjolnir?


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