10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Thor You Won't Believe Exist

10. Roger 'Red' Norvell

Marvel Comics

When is a God not a God? When he's a camera-man who's been let into Asgard to film a documentary. Created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, and introduced in Thor #273, old Red's rise to becomingthe hammer-wielding God of Thunder is convoluted, to say the least.

Allowed into the realm of Gods to film a documentary, it doesn't take long before it's revealed that the real reason that he and his crew have been given such access is so that they can actually film Ragnarok, which is on the verge of being realized by Loki and Hela.

While there, he falls madly in love with the Lady Sif but when she rejects him - quite violently - he decides that the only way to win her heart is to defeat Thor. With the Trickster God in his corner, he is given the powers and ability to do just that.

Driven mad by the flames of Geirrodur, he beats Thor half to death, and only stops short of killing him when his friend Joey sacrifices himself to save the fallen Odinson.

Even though it turns out that this is the All-Father's doing to create a backup Thor, there's no denying that as replacements go, Red Norvell is a pretty weird choice.


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