10 Insane Alternative Versions Of Iron Man You Won't Believe Exist

9. Night Thrasher

Iron Man Emperor Stark
Marvel Comics

It's worth talking about Tony Stark's time as the Night Trasher solely in the fact that this title desperately needs to become the name of a punk band who dress in various Iron man suits.

But that isn't the only interesting qualities that Earth-81156's Tony Stark possesses. This universe sees Dwayne Taylor - the main universe's Night Trasher - and Tony Stark swap aliases, as Taylor would steal Tony's job as head of Stark Industries.

Naturally more than a little irritated about this, Tony would take Dwayne's former mantle of Night Thrasher, and use it to try and get justice.

Unfortunately, this doesn't go as well for Stark as you might think, as his next encounter with Taylor would see him captured, tortured, and then killed by the former Thrasher, proving that alternate reality Tonys simply do not have the plot armour of the main universe's Iron Man.


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