10 Insane Marvel Superheroes You Won't Believe Exist

Could whoever named 'Dinah Saur' please step up for their award?

Marvel Comics

In a world where falling into a vat of acid and coming out with superpowers isn't close to an unusual event, it really takes some serious work to be a weird superhero.

Really, it's almost impressive that, after so many years, some superheroes can still manage to be weird. It's a credit to the ability of some writers and artists to innovate in a comprehensive industry, and still find so many weird new routes to take heroes down through.

And there are a wild selection of different decisions that can make for an insane superhero. Weird powers, surreal backstories, or just a completely strange secret identity - all are equally perfect in building a hero you'd presume was just a particularly unusual joke if someone described them to you.

Proving that the beating heart of comics lies in its ability to consistently and continuously create absolutely hogwild individuals, here are 10 Marvel superheroes almost too weird to be real.

10. Debrii

Marvel Comics

A human 'telekinetic magnet', Debrii's powers are as close to self-explanatory as her name suggests - given her power is to control debris with her powers.

For a practically unheard of character, the number of fairly major teams Debrii has appeared on are almost unnerving, working with Counter Force, the New Warriors, and even being a part of Captain America's Secret Avengers for a good while.

It really proves how much some characters just fall into the background of a comic, as despite this - and despite having some pretty cool powers - relatively few people would name Debrii in a list of superheroes.

Forgettable or not, Debrii was part of the team that defeated Ragnarok - a clone of Thor - so it's safe to say she could definitely go toe to toe with some of the big league heroes if she ever needed to.


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