10 Insane Times Comics Revealed A Hero's Future

The future is kinda weird.... right, King Thor?

Marvel Comics/Esad Ribic

Movies and television enjoy playing with time travel but comic books have always revelled in it. Time travel, glimpses into the future and potential realities are as common place in sequential art as amnesia is on a daytime soap.

While a cliche, it is one of the best ways to reveal the directions a character could take, either because of a specific decision or just the path the character is walking, without having to actually commit it. It's a weird paradox of having your cake and seeing what happens if you were to then eat it, and most of the time, the results are brilliant.

While the typical future is rarely positive - and most on this list are certainly not filled with sunshine and lollipops - there's the rare occasion that the future is much like our own; not technically an evil authoritarian dystopia, but there's certainly forces that try.

With Jason Aaron's run on Thor coming to an earth-shattering end as his future King Thor battles against Loki for the fate of the perennially perilous Marvel Universe, it's time to see what other heroes have had their futures revealed.


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