10 Insane Times Supervillains Developed New Powers

How to make Doctor Doom even scarier? Make him a god, obviously.

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Marvel Comics

The Marvel and DC universes are constantly on the move, and with all manner of superheroes constantly seeing upgrades to their powers and abilities, it's a given that the same goes for their villainous counterparts.

The difference is that villains tend to be on the receiving end of upgrades all the time. Each and every time they return, having presumably suffered a good licking on the previous encounter, villains have to come up with new and inventive ways to put those pesky do-gooders in their place. Whether that's through the fashioning of some new piece of technology, or something much more drastic, superhuman conflict is basically an arms race.

Compiled here are the best and most ridiculous occasions where DC and Marvel's antagonists upped their game to a ludicrous degree. Some figures have seen multiple iterations, while others have only recently innovated on their initial abilities.

It can be pot-luck sometimes, with writers less keen to mess with the established formula, but when it comes off properly, they manage to redefine some of the medium's most infamous figures...

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