10 Insane Times Supervillains Developed New Powers

10. Sinestro - Ultraviolet Corps

Justice League Sinestro Ultraviolet
DC Comics

Scott Snyder's stint on the Justice League started out bright enough with Justice League: No Justice, but it was when the series kicked off proper that the writer finally got to flex his creative muscles.

Joined by artists Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez, Snyder dedicated the first arc of his series to deal with the aftermath of Dark Nights: Metal. The Source Wall lies in tatters, and it's up to the JLA to figure out a way to stop the universe from collapsing as a result.

Unfortunately, things aren't so easy. Lex Luthor conspires to form a new Legion of Doom, with Sinestro a key member. Hal Jordan's former tutor had famously wielded the power of fear after defecting from the Green Lanterns, but he tapped into a whole new source altogether in this book: the Invisible Emotional Spectrum.

Known as the Ultraviolet Corps, Sinestro wields a power incomparable in scale to that of his previous corps. Among its greatest abilities is the one that allows those that wield the Ultraviolet ring to mentally corrupt a given target, bringing their negative emotions to the forefront, and becoming a new member in the process.

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