10 Insanely Awkward Moments In Marvel Comics History

Falling in love with teenagers has happened WAY too many times in Marvel Comics.


It's tricky to tell what is a bigger threat to the superhero community; supervillains or their own personal problems. Look at it this way; it's pretty difficult being a superhero.

But it's much harder to play superhero when you find out your teacher is in love with you, you are trying to hide a life-destroying addiction, or you've been forced to come out by a teammate.

Watching a hero's personal problems overwhelm him or her can be one of the most awkward moments in comics.

It's hard to watch Tony Stark turn into a drunk, knowing he is voluntarily throwing his life away. It's embarrassing for Iceman to admit his sexual orientation, since he feels like he's lied to his teammates for years. Some of the entries in this article are so awkward, they had repercussions in the comics for decades.

These situations aren't just humiliating for the characters. As a reader, it's hard not to wince while reading about some of our favourite superheroes' caught red-handed lying or betraying their friends. Here are the some of the most awkward and most cringe-inducing moments in the history of Marvel Comics.


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