10 Invincible Moments That Shocked The World

Is Invincible the goriest superhero comic ever?

Image Comics

For anyone not aware of Image Comic's phenomenal Invincible series, it's best described as what would happen if you took a hero like Superboy or Spider-Man and let their fights have all the violence of a bloodsoaked series like The Boys. It's intense, it's hilarious, and - most importantly - it's packed wall to wall with surprising plot twists, unusual events, and things that make you desperately buy the whole series at once so you don't have to wait to find out what happens next.

Covering the life of the superhero Mark Grayson - who takes on the title of Invincible - the series develops over time from a fun and tongue-in-cheek superhero story, to actively building one of the most detailed and expansive comic universes in existence. Which is perfect, because it lets all the insane action of Invincible to take place in places you wouldn't even dream of, just to add another extra layer of excitement to the whole thing.

Invincible is a comic that legitimately lets you feel like an exciting kid reading a comic again - only it's maybe even better, because it does so while also offering you some of the most gruesome fights to have ever taken place in a legitimate superhero comic.

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