10 Invincible Moments That Shocked The World

10. Omni-Man Fights Invincible

Image Comics

Invincible, for all intents and purposes, pulls its punches for its first ten issues, making it appear as though the comic is just another good but ultimately run of the mill superhero series.

Then, in issue #11, Invincible's dad Omni-Man - or Nolan, depending on how close you are - starts murdering all of Earth's superheroes, having to be confronted by his son to end his murderous rampage.

Nolan reveals that he's an alien send from a species who want to take over and then destroy the Earth, which leads to an all-out fight between the two, which becomes Omn-Man beating his poor unfortunate son into the dirt for three hours before fleeing instead of landing the killing blow.

It's a complete game-changer, as while many heroes have villainous parents, they usually aren't raised watching said parent be a superhero, only to have them turn against them eighteen years later.

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