10 Laziest Comic Book Villains

If you want to be feared, you have to actually do something.

Marvel Comics

When it comes to supervillains, your mind tends to go to wacky schemes and elaborate contraptions.

Someone like The Riddler is well known for coming up with crazy plans that involve hours, even days of preparation. Even though Eddie rarely comes out on top, the last thing you can accuse him of is laziness.

However, the same can't be said for all villains. With every success comes extra power and extra resources. The cash flow increases, the goon squad grows and most plans can be carried out with next to no effort.

Because of this, some of the biggest bads in the business have grown lazy and rarely leave their hideouts.

On the other side of things, you have the less experienced villains. They tend to have less resources, no game plan and therefore a lack of effort overall. It rarely ends well for these try hards, but it's sure fun to watch them try.

Most of these newbies have one idea in mind and tend not to plan for failure, or plan very much at all for that matter. It's a different type of laziness to the crime lord in his tower, but they do share one similarity: the hero will definitely defeat them.

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