10 Little-Known Comics Industry Facts That Shocked Fans

How do creators constantly get mistreated like this?

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Marvel Comics

The comics industry is a unique beast, and one that brings with it its fair share of diabolical factoids. It's at the forefront of pop culture after all, and - as with most mediums - that doesn't just happen overnight. In fact, comics (as in, American-made funny-books) have been going since the beginning of the 20th century, springing to life during World War II before overcoming all sorts of challenges in the decades ahead.

The've always been around - and they've always been influential. Although, not to the degree they are today. Thanks to the ascendancy of the superhero genre on the silver screen, comic books are the most valuable currency in the entertainment biz, and whether it's the sheer absurdity of the medium's Silver Age days or the injustices that have happened along the way, there's been a fair share of stories that've managed to shock readers twice as much as anything adapted to cinema.

There are the old, usual tales of how Marvel nearly lost it all in the midst of the nineties speculator boom, as well as the publisher's tussles with rivals DC, but there are also slightly more obscure and indeed shocking stories that have emerged over the years too.

From mistreated creators to bizarre cases of corporate espionage, here are the most shocking facts about the comic book medium...

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