10 Little-Known Supervillains That Could Make DC Millions

Because the big bads don't always need to be the big stars.

Vandal Savage DC Comics
DC Comics

The DCEU had a bit of a bumpy, disjointed start, but after Aquaman and Shazam!, seems to be heading in the right direction. Trying to run before they had walked with crossovers and team ups didn’t really pan out, but focussing on solo films with strong narratives could be their way back.

In order to do that, they’ll need a great villain to play against.

The DCEU so clearly wants to be the MCU, so let’s look at them for a second. The likes of Hela and Killmonger aren’t legendary names, yet through the plot, script, and casting, they became icons.

DC have many more well known foes than Thanos too, they just haven’t had many stick the landing.

Moving forward then, it might be best to ignore the headline grabbing names and turn to the lesser known baddies. With less pressure on their shoulders, this lot could spring a huge surprise. They also tend to give their stars more room for interpretation; we all saw what happened with Jared Leto put his own spin on the big name Joker, after all.

Whether as pseudo heroes in the Suicide Squad or as villains holding up the story, this lot could make DC millions.

10. Professor Pyg

Vandal Savage DC Comics
DC Comics

Professor Pyg is a Gotham based villain, and with Matt Reeves’ The Batman already seeming to be overloaded with villains, now might not be his time. Considering all the reinventions of the A-list villains in Batman’s roster, perhaps we’ll get Professor Pyg sooner rather than later.

There’s always more of the Bat family who could come up against Pyg at some point in the future too.

Pyg is a plastic surgeon who creates ‘Dollotrons’; physically perfect, mindless specimens. Think horror Barbies and you’re on the right lines. These Dollotrons have been kidnapped by Professor Pyg, surgically tortured and their bodies altered beyond recognition. Any trace of imperfection is either sliced away from them or results in an instant, merciless death.

The idea of a body horror in a superhero movie would be a hugely interesting premise, though it would be a brave risk for anyone to take. It’s a more niche genre, but it could also be made on a smaller budget and could be a surprise hit.

Professor Pyg might be the ace up DC’s sleeve, but only if they’re willing to play it.


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