10 Little Known Supervillains That Could Make Marvel Millions

10. Arcade

Marvel Comics

As far as diabolical evil masterminds go, Arcade is one of the most underrated in all of Marvel. The guy owns his own amusement park filled with murder machines for crying out loud. He uses the appropriately named “Murderworld” to carry out his dastardly plans.

While his primary job description is assassin for hire, he is so much more than just a mercenary. He brings a completely different dimension to the table with his obsession over how he is going to kill someone, as opposed to the actual murder itself. Between this unique mind set and his menagerie of elaborate traps, a movie starring Arcade will likely bring a different taste palette compared to what the MCU has given us thus far.

And there are multiple interesting narratives possible with Arcade. The most obvious of which is his origin. This villain is so obsessed with deceiving his enemies, he never divulges his true origin story to anyone. A movie following such a premise has the potential to serve up quite the interesting plotline.

As for his main enemies, Arcade has previously clashed with the likes of Spider-Man and the X-Men, even managing to almost frame Wolverine for murder once. A possible role in the upcoming movies involving any of those, could be well worth our money.


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