10 Longest Manga Series Of All Time

You thought Superman had a lot of issues? Wait till you see what they have coming out of Japan!

Big Comic Shogakukan

It's easy to look at something like Superman or Captain America and see a comic book character that's been around for the better part of a century with more than a thousand issues under their name. Looking at that, it's hard to imagine there are comics out there that have as many or more.

As it happens, neither Marvel nor DC have much when compared to some Manga titles. These are books that regularly churn out so much content, having a mere thousand or so issues is child's play, and many have far more.

These are comics that have been around for decades like their Western counterparts, but there's something about the Japanese creative spirit that keeps these books going for longer than most artists or writers could ever dream of — and most of them are done by only one or two people!

That's not how things are done at DC or the House of Ideas, which makes the Japanese comic book industry one of the most impressive on the planet. While many are turned into anime series and films, a lot of these take up plenty of shelf space as some of the longest-running comic book series of all time.

In the world of Manga, a chapter is around 15-25 pages released weekly. A volume is a collection of chapters into a single book called tankōbon.

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