10 Manga You MUST Read

10. Fist Of The North Star

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In a world ravaged by nuclear war, survival of the fittest takes over as the surviving 30% of humanity struggle for the scarce resources still available to them. Lead protagonist Kenshiro is introduced to us in the midst of a quest for that most precious of commodities: clean water.

Ambushed by a raiding biker gang, Kenshiro reveals himself as a master of the deadly Hokuto Shinken, an old school martial art made for carrying out assassinations. From here, we follow Kenshiro on an epic journey across a brutal, post-nuclear landscape. Seemingly everywhere he goes there are more enemies to throw down with and defeat. The bone-crunching action and suspenseful world building make this one a highly addictive read.

An action-packed entry in the adventure genre, Buronson’s 245 chapter eighties classic is a must read for new and old manga readers alike. Its exceptional quality is bolstered by the high intensity illustrations of highly acclaimed artist, Tetsuo Hara.

A seminal, classic manga, Fist of the North Star has become an immense best selling franchise over the years and influenced many great talents to come in the years since.

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