10 Manga You MUST Read

9. Bleach

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It turns out that whole seeing dead people thing applies to more folks than just Haley Joel Osment.

In Bleach, the brash and volatile Ichigo Kurosaki goes through life seeing a window into the supernatural. Through his ability to spot the ghosts among us, Kurosaki finds a Soul Reaper (or Shinigami) by the name of Rukia Kuchiki. It is the job of the Soul Reaper to ensure the deceased successfully move on to the afterlife.

Sounds like a pleasant enough occupation until you meet the Hollows, beastly spirits out to destroy both the living and the dead. In the wake of Rukia’s injuries battling then, Ichigo takes her place and begins the hunt for more Hollows.

Along with utterly insane amounts of action, horror and adventure as one would expect from such a tale, Bleach provides an excellent coming of age character arc as the unwieldy Ichigo grows into a noble hero.

One of the great manga to release during the noughties, Bleach has earned plentiful acclaim critics and audiences alike for its vivid art, well paced storytelling and slick action sequences.

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