10 Marvel Characters Who Became Ghost Rider

9. Noble Kale

Marvel Comics

The legend of the Ghost Rider began in the 18th century thanks to some sorcery, curses, and a serious need for vengeance. Noble Kale was the son of the town Pastor, an abusive man who disapproved of his son's love of a black woman.

When the two wed after Magdalena gave birth, Pastor Kale took matters into his own hands. He accused Magdalena of witchcraft and burned her at the stake. Knowing his son would have a problem with this, he had him beaten in the church's cellar while it was happening.

When the execution was being carried out, Magdalena cursed the town with the Furies who set about killing folks. Pastor Kale pleaded with Mephisto for help (they were buddies) and offered his son in exchange.

Mephisto agreed and turned Noble into the Spirit of Vengeance. After destroying the Furies, his father gave him his own son to consume, but he refused and killed himself. When Mephisto came to claim his soul, his brother, the archangel Uriel came and struck a deal to protect him. Neither Heaven nor Hell would claim Noble, which left him protected and waiting for another to house his Spirit of Vengeance should the need ever arise.

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