10 Marvel Characters Who Became Ghost Rider

6. Caleb

Marvel Comics

In the 2007 miniseries, Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears, written by Garth Ennis, Marvel revealed the Ghost Rider who operated during the 19th-Century following the American Civil War.

Caleb was a former slave who was murdered but had a friend in the Confederate Army looking out for him named Travis Parham. After learning of his friend's brutal murder, he sets out to serve up some good old fashioned vengeance in Caleb's name.

While he is on the trail of his target, he meets up with Ghost Rider (on a horse instead of a motorcycle of course) and learns that Caleb's death was so brutal and in need of vengeance, the very Spirit of Vengeance was unleashed to achieve it.

Caleb was able to barter his soul so he could get revenge on the men who killed his family, which led to his becoming the Ghost Rider of his era. Not only does he get revenge, he burns the whole town the five riders who killed him and his family were in. This turned Travis against him, but Caleb remarked that it was necessary and he wasn't the first or last Spirit of Vengeance to take the steps needed to see the wicked punished.

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